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About us

Welcome to Youtumundial, your Peruvian destination for fashion and fitness, fusing the best of Peruvian design with a global approach. Founded in September 2016, our uniquely designed t-shirt headquarters reflects the rich cultural heritage of Peru. We are proud to offer fashion with identity, capturing the vibrant essence of our country.

In February 2019, we took a step further by launching Youtumundial Fitness and Recipes, a YouTube channel that quickly became a reference during the 2020 pandemic. This project was born from our passion for well-being and good nutrition. Discover free workouts and recipes to help you stay active and healthy.

Explore our website, youtumundialfitness.com, for a wide range of workout routines and delicious recipes at no cost. We believe in sharing the Youtumundial (Youtu+ mundial), we produce worldwide with "youtu" in us, symbolizing the greatest love in the world(mundial).Β 

Originally known as "Novelumundial" until May 2018, we evolved and adopted the name Youtumundial in January 2019. The simple formula for our success lies in a commitment to quality, authenticity and global connection.

Join our Youtumundial community and be part of a movement that goes beyond borders, celebrating diversity and well-being in every corner of the world.

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